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When I see Asian and Indian women with girls, i want to scream

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23-Nov-11 1:39 am


Dont get me started on this. I live in an area with many Asian families and what I see is just horrible. First of all, one hardly sees all girl families here (none in my immediate vincinity) while all-boy families abound. Red flag. When a firstborn is a girl the second one is sure as hell to be a boy. Second red flag. Their sex ratio is skewed BAD even here in America (I'm talking about 1st generation immigrants in New York). All you need to do is to go to the local China town and walk for 5 minutes to see major gender imbalance in children 7 and under. Now there are other immigrants here from countries where boys are preferred (Pakistan, Middle east etc.) but  because they are usually religious they dont temper with these things and there is no imbalance visible. 

I live next to a Chinese family who have a girl, maybe 5 years old, and a somewhat younger boy. The boy hardly has to walk because someone is always carrying him while the girl usually trods behind carrying BAGS. Both parents and grandparends dot on the boy and spoil him rotten. The difference in treatment is obvious . It makes me hate them and I feel sooo bad about wanting a boy because it puts me in their company. I dont admit to my neighbors I want a son and as a matter of fact I am not so sure thatI want one anymore because of these woman hating *&^*&^&^


I always wished I was Indian and I would love to look like one! You make me want to run off and adopt an Indian kid in the future. :]


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