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How will my son ever love me?

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19-Dec-11 6:12 am

I know how you feel. Our peanut is most likely a boy. I dreamed of a little girl, such vivid dreams, that I feel I am mourning the little girl we were going to have. I keep telling myself he is going to be a sweet, gentle, lovely man one day just like his daddy. We found some adorable little clothes with animals on them, things better than the pink explosion of Pepto Bismol. I think being depressed is really normal. I find that I cycle through being happy as I was when we found out (a bit disappointed) to utterly devastated and back again. I just keep telling myself God knows best, whether doctor's guess of a boy is right or not, and we will love our babies no matter what.

I was a girly girl who loved dresses but was also badly behaved, ran wild, and drove my parents insane. My husband was the gentle, nice kid who was never into sports. We decided as I am a figure skater we'll be putting our little one into skating lessons with his mommy. The sport needs more boys! :) Dance? Sure! If he wants to! Things like that. Stereotypes are just that.

I'm more worried that because my SIL is having a girl before me (my husband is one of 2 boys) that, due to their reactions and stuff, his grandparents on dad's side won't love him. He will see his cousin getting toys and attention and he won't be. I know that will happen. That is why I am so very upset.

But just know like all the mamas here say when you have your baby you love them no matter what. My dad told me that holding your child for the first time, no matter what it is, you just know what life is all about and what love is.

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