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Boy or Girl? 20 week potty shot..added poll for quick reply!

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16-Nov-11 11:32 pm
I know it is a little blurry. The babe was a bit hyper this day!! :) Please and Thank you! ETA: Here is the newest potty shot from today! :D [Poll]

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17-Nov-11 10:38 pm
I hope this means that this IS a boy? lol


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18-Nov-11 12:45 pm
Definitely looks like a little boy.. Congrats. :)
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18-Nov-11 12:47 pm
Looks like a little guy to me! :)
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18-Nov-11 12:50 pm
Thank you both for replying. It makes me breathe a little better. We will have to go back, as he was way active and the tech did not want to call it, as we will be back in a month. :)

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19-Nov-11 2:23 am
Anyone else please? :)


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19-Nov-11 2:26 am
Boy :) X
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19-Nov-11 2:35 am

 Definitely a little boy. Congratulations!!!


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21-Nov-11 4:26 am

I would definately say a BOY! :)

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28-Nov-11 1:09 pm
Thank you! I still feel funny telling people its a boy... haha

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6-Dec-11 2:53 pm
Just adding above the newest pic from today! :)

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6-Dec-11 3:12 pm

Boy Baby Bear Boy

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6-Dec-11 3:16 pm
is it just me or is that a very very short penis?
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6-Dec-11 3:27 pm

 I felt like that was the scrotum and it was hiding the penis from view.  Just my opinion!!!

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6-Dec-11 4:59 pm

I see a pretty clear scrotum in that second pic.  Boy!  Congrats!

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