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Is this definitely a boy?

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31-Oct-11 5:33 am

I'm feeling sad that I have had all boy guesses. On my actual pic youvcan hardly see that nub thingy but you can when I took a photo of it. is it possible that this might not be a nub? I appreciate your honesty and don't mind if you think it is definitely a boy!

Thanks for looking. I'm driving my self mad!


Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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31-Oct-11 5:34 am


Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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31-Oct-11 5:41 am
I can't really tell very well from the picture. Have you asked for a tech to look at this in the Ultrasound Gender prediction forum? They are usually very good...

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31-Oct-11 5:51 am

Thanks for looking! No but i don't think the techs look in hardly ever and your post goes back so quick as so many people post. I thought I would ask as I thought people on here would be knowledgable also as may have studied pics as much as me! x

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31-Oct-11 6:27 am

Sorry but its hard to see the pic looks grainy

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31-Oct-11 7:01 am

Maybe this is clearer?

Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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31-Oct-11 7:22 am

 It looks like a boy nub in pic #2 my son had one like it.

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31-Oct-11 12:57 pm
I'm so sorry that you are feeling sad.  It does look like a boy nub.  I hope I'm wrong.

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22-Dec-11 9:04 am

i dont think it means anything personally 4th boy had a nub like a girl try not to get worked can have a scan at 16 weeks xxxxx

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23-Dec-11 1:17 am

 Um I haven't seen very many ultra sounds... what exactly is this a view of?  I can't figure out a frame of reference.  

I really wont be able to help you, but I'm just curious as to what the heck I'm looking at.  

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23-Dec-11 2:10 am
sorry, but that's a boy nub.
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23-Dec-11 2:30 am
50/50.. I don't see a nub. But Congrats on your baby
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