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TTC boy in November - need feedback pls

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29-Oct-11 4:53 pm
Hello All, I am ttc boy in the next 11 days (around November 11).  I have been on in- gender diet for about 4 months. Here is my plan: Can somebody please review it and provide me feedback?          PH - BSD drink 1x/day,  BSF - 3 days leading to O, on O day and day after          DH PH - BSD before the day of O (Dh ph right now is around 7.8)         Supplements  - Fish oil, potassium, l-arginine, Vitamin E, Folic acid Dh  Supplements - Fish oil, Zinc, B12, l-arginine, Potassium        Ions - cell phone and laptop on belly        Timing - BD on O day        Diet - lots of bananans, potato chips, tomato juice, V8 O day         BD in the morning         Take egg out of the refrigerator - 1 hr before BD          Give red bull to dh - 1 hr before BD          BSF - 1/2 hr before BD          Eat cereals - 1/2 before BD         Put egg whites in a instead cup and place it inside        Have a big O (oral help)        Remove instead cup        BD - doggy style      Laydown with your hips positioned upwards      BSF again       Put the insead cup back          Day after O            BSF few times Is eating honey bunches of oats safe?