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is it just me or is anyone else freaked out


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30-Oct-11 10:36 pm
Honey... I actually have an early gender scan this Saturday. I'll be almost 17 weeks. I'm so nervous about it. I feel like if it's a girl I'll be so fine. I've actually always wanted four kids.. Two girls and two boys. But if it's a boy....I feel like its just not worth it. If someone told me for sure I would have a boy I don't think I would have even considered doing this... At least not now. But theres a chance it could be a girl and I didn't want to lose that chance forever if Dh really stuck to not having anymore! I was swaying okay for the two months before but the month I got pregnant I was out of town and not doing very much. We were dtd every other day... Not what your supposed to do! I think it ended up being about a two day cut off and O+12. Dh was wearing briefs...I was doing okay on supps...I had no cm at all... Def not ewcm. So I hope that was enough! I'm so nervous about Saturday. I'm almost dreading it. I did intelligender with my last son and it was right. But I was too nervous to do it this time. I didn't want it to say boy but i didn't want it to say girl and get my hopes up if it was wrong. But I've seen it be wrong lots of times for other people.... You might still get a girl. When do you find out?
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