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yay im pregnant!!!!!!

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23-Oct-11 2:41 pm

 Huge Congrats!!! I remember youfrom march 2010 ddb, I got my DS4 also in march 2010...they are getting so "big" and yet still they are the mommies babies <3

H&H pregnancy and Im sure your little boy will enjoy having a brother or sister :)


-Annika- Happy mom of 4 boys and expecting a Baby Girl in early january2012! WooHoo!!

Can't wait to meet my Princess!!!!HeartHeartHeart

Baby Boy8,Baby Boy6,Baby Boy6,Baby Boy1

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 My Chasing the dream gender journey:

SET Baby Bear Girl IVF/PGD 22.5.2009(st Petersburg,AVA) = BFN :(

My IVF process:

7.5  "Long" waited AF arrived!

8.5 First u/s, everything Ok.

9.5  Puregon 150IU injection in the evening --- woohoo , my first shot!

10.5-12.5  same dosage, Puregon 150IU

13.5 Planned u/s number 2.+First Cetrotide shot, 14 follicles

13.-14.5 Same dosage

15.5 3rd u/s, final agreement of the ER day, 10 follicles 10-19mm

16.5 same dosage, both cetrotide & Puregon

+ Ovitrelle

17.5 trip to Russia starts

18.5 ER : 4 eggs

19.5 all 4 eggs were fertilized, we came back home

21.5 4 embryos to PGD : 1 healthy girl, 1 healthy boy, 1 abnormal, 1 degenerated

22.5   SET Baby Bear Girl

2.6 BETA: < 3    BFN :(