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Makendra Ryan

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22-Oct-11 5:29 pm

Labor went well until it was time to push and her heart rate dropped to 60 bpm which sent the room into a panic.  They were screaming get her out now with a vacuum or it's going to be an emergency c-section.  I was terrified and upset so it made it hard to push but I was able to get her out in 5 min with the assistance of the vacuum.  She came out face up which made it even harder to push her out but she ended up being ok after all was said and done.  Born 10/21/11 at 9:02 am, 9lbs6oz & 22 1/4 in...long and lean like her Daddy Happy Smile  She is an absolutely content baby, nursing every 3 hours, and a great little sleeper so far.  I am feeling great and so in love! 

Congrats to all the other October Moms!! 

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22-Oct-11 7:14 pm
So beautiful! Congrats!
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22-Oct-11 7:23 pm
Aww she is so pretty! Congrats!

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22-Oct-11 7:25 pm


She is beautiful and you did a great job! I hope you are feeling well. I saw the girl result and I am at my wits end ttc a girl! I found some of your other posts and seriously, it is me!!!

I am so happy you found your pink and that she is doing well.

How did you make it through??? ANd, the big question...if you gave up swaying,how did you do that? I am older and just need to get Pregnant! Enough is enough! Should I just bd all the time! Your advice means the world!

ENJOY your beautiful new baby girl. I loev her name too! Nice spelling!
I hope to enjoy the same wonder.



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22-Oct-11 7:59 pm
Having fun playing dress up Happy Smile
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22-Oct-11 8:53 pm
Beautiful! Congratulations!
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23-Oct-11 3:05 am
Yay! Huge congratulations Happy  LOL

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23-Oct-11 3:18 am

She's so cute! Congratulations Happy Celebrate

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23-Oct-11 3:50 pm

She is beautiful!  Vacuum or not, I'm impressed you got a 9 pounder out in five minutes - you are a champ!  Hope you are recovering and enjoying this sweet pink bundle.  I love the picture of her all dolled up - so much fun!

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