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Food question TTC boy. Pls help!

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20-Oct-11 9:40 am

Dear all here, i have seen so many posts mention that they eat chicket for TTC Girl ! And red meat for TTC boy

Can anyone here clarify to me why chicken is for TTC girl ? Coz they r white?

And what do u mean by red meat? Can pork be consider as red meat OR do i have to take beef for that ?




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20-Oct-11 10:06 am

Under the FAQ section at the top of the forum there are links to Tamara's diet and cookbooks for ttc boy/girl. It explains why you should consume the different meats. It's not just for ph but also your hormones. I am ttc girl so I'm not sure if pork is considered "boy" meat but I'm sure you can look under the links and the facts would outline what you are looking for. If not, then keep bumping your question until someone answers. GL!

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20-Oct-11 2:45 pm
I'm not exactly sure why chicken is TTC girl, but I do think beef would be better for the boy diet because of the testosterone in it. Although all meat is acidic, pork is especially acidic (according to alkaline link in the boy section). I think we're supposed to stay away from it if we're struggling with raising ph. I know I'm avoiding it since I have issues raising my ph.

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21-Oct-11 9:04 am

I cannot eat Beef and Pork is acidic now... AS for chicken, i think the reason why it is for TTC Girl is because normally chicken are raised by some hormones to make them grow faster.... This hormone may be for TTC Girl then , huh?

May be if meat = terestorne then i shoiuld obtain it from pill form then ?

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