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Kat 1976

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11-Oct-11 9:31 pm
I had my baby girl on May 23,2011. Her EDD was October 6th. I was 20 weeks and 4 days pregnant with her. We named her Nevaeh Mae. I lost her do to a subchorionic hemorrhage(that we thought was gone at 15 weeks but apparently it was not) that clotted behind the placenta. The clots then made the placenta erupt causing no oxygen,blood, or nutrients to my little angel.So I did have my baby girl that we swayed for but not the way I wanted.

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13-Oct-11 12:50 pm
I am so sorry for your loss.

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15-Oct-11 9:39 pm
So sorry. Big hug

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16-Oct-11 12:17 pm

im  so sorry honey. i know the pain you are going through. i went into premature labor at 22 weeks. my daughter was born and lived just 2 hours in my arms. i team of doctors stood by and did nothing because "she isn't viable until 25 weeks" i know you are sad, scared, hurt and angry. the only thing i can say is that you really do have a gardian angel right now. she is always with you and her brothers. she isn't alone. i hope shes playing with my little Fiona and they are waiting for us. 4 months after i lost Fiona we got pregnant again and now our little London is almost 5 months old and such a blessing. however, take time to grieve your daighter. i thought by having another i could bring her back. i can't. I love London but she can never replace her sister. i still cry for my baby. hugs, for now take comfort in your boys and be there for them., my girls still cry for their sister sometimes. im  still sad but that sense of dispair is slowly leaving us. prayers for you and your family.

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