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Help-He won't take a bottle!

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11-Oct-11 11:54 am

I've been back to work going on 5 weeks and I can't get my little guy to take a bottle. My poor mom has to deal with it all day and the Doctors just say he won't starve himself-well he is! We've tried all kinds of nipples, positions, times and temps. Does anyone have any ideas that could work???

Thanks for looking!

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13-Oct-11 8:07 am
I have had the same problem but my DD is now older so I have managed to get her on a sippy cup. I know at daycare they suggested a syringe and just use that instead of a bottle. I have tried every sippy cup, bottle etc under the sun and finally found one that DD likes and will drink from. I also tried her on soy milk and that seemed to help get her into drinking out of a cup. she was old enough to eat though and was only in daycare one day a week so we could manage. She would go the whole day without a drink but would eat heaps and could make it through the day ok. Other friends have suggested straws (you have to be able to squeeze the bottle/cup)as the only way they could get them to drink. Daycare has also said they have struggled with some babies who were/are breastfed and eventually got them onto the bottle. Good luck! It's not easy but I hope your bub starts taking the bottle soon.

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23-Oct-11 1:28 am

My last two babies wouldnt take the bottle at all and this is why i would never b/f again. I miserable. I love b/fing but not like this. Hes 13 months and he b/fs like a newborn darn near.


sorry but i have no advice. I think ur baby is young enough to take the bottle, he will be ok soon


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