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Anaïs is here! *Birthstory*

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9-Oct-11 3:10 pm

 Hi girls!

Little Anaïs arrived Friday the 7th of October at 23:57 after a superquick delivery. I will write the birthstory and share with you guys tomorrow. We are home now and are doing well Happy Smile Here she is, 1hr old Love Ya!

Damn those monkeys! I just lost her whole birthstory Sad

This will be a shorter version...

So I got the usual pm BH contractions on the 7th but started to suspect it might be the real thing when they got so painful I had to breathe through them. Once they got regular I progressed very quickly and we almost didn't make it to the hospital in time! We have a 30min car journey to the hospital and I knew from the pain that it was too late for an epidural...once there I discovered it's almost impossible to walk when you are nearly fully dilated. DH and another guy basically had to carry me into L&D! Poor DH had my bags as well, lol. I arrived in quite a state, overwhelmed by the intensity of the pain. There was no time to get into a gown or get an IV, I just about managed to take off my trousers between 2 contractions. The midwife said I was 10cm and could start pushing. I pushed like a madwoman for 30 min but bbay would not come down. A Dr was called and I was told baby was not in an ideal position but I was given a bit more time before they would use ventouse. I pushed again, and again and finally felt the 'ring of fire'. Shortly after that Anaïs flew out of me to everyone's surprise and I was told she had been back to back and face up! The poor little thing had a bruise on her forehead. It was 3 min to midnightand I had only been in the L&D for 40min!

She was put on me immediately and we had a long cuddle + she had her 1st feed. DH cut the cord. She stayed on me while I delivered the placenta and had some stitches. The midwife prepared a bath for me and while I was in it Ana had her first cuddle inside daddy's shirt. We were left alone to enjoy our daughter and she wasn't weighed or dressed until we had to leave the room 2 hrs later. I felt like I had been in a boxing match! And I looked like it too - swollen eyes and purple 'stars' all over my face and chest. I was shaking and felt in shock about how fast she'd arrived. We got to go home the following day and I've recovered surprisingly quickly. Ana is a very good baby and sleeps lots which has made a big difference.

She is the perfect addition to our family which now feels complete. I am so done!

Funny how things turned out, I wanted that epi so bad and didn't think I could manage without it. We are all superwomen!

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9-Oct-11 3:24 pm

Yay Congratulations hun on your beautiful little girl xxx


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9-Oct-11 3:37 pm
Awww, congrats! Beautiful!
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9-Oct-11 3:41 pm
Congratulations Vendela, she is Beautiful, well done.

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9-Oct-11 4:23 pm
Congrats again she is absolutely beautiful!!

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9-Oct-11 4:50 pm
What a beautiful little girl! Congrats!!

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9-Oct-11 6:11 pm
Yay huge congratulations

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9-Oct-11 6:33 pm
Such a beautiful girl, Happy Celebrate

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10-Oct-11 6:26 am
She is so adorable!! Congratulations!!

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10-Oct-11 6:47 am
Congrats. You must be over the moon. Love her name too.
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10-Oct-11 8:11 am
Wow! Awesome.. Congrats Vendela. She looks precious
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10-Oct-11 10:03 am

 Yay!  Can you believe it, V?  YOU DID IT!  I am sooo so so happy for you! She's just beautiful!

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10-Oct-11 11:01 am

 Contrats!!  Enjoy the new little one.

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10-Oct-11 3:42 pm

Congrats mama!  I already told you, but she is just gorgeous!  A real beauty like her mama! :)

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10-Oct-11 3:59 pm

Congratulations Vendala! Lovely name too. Enjoy, you deserve this so much x


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