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pink or blue nub? 12 weeks:)

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8-Oct-11 4:33 pm
heyy guys im now currently 15 weeks pregnant, i already have a beautiful 2 year old girl :) i genuinly dont mind what i have this time, im just curious how accurate is this nub theory ? what do you guys think :)
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8-Oct-11 4:51 pm

Any more pics?  I don't think we're seeing the full nub in this image.

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8-Oct-11 4:54 pm
no this was the only picture i was given :| i just dont know how this whole nub theory works

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8-Oct-11 5:20 pm
ive zoomed in if that helps lol xx

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8-Oct-11 10:06 pm
mayyyyyybe girl
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8-Oct-11 10:51 pm
leaning pink

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9-Oct-11 1:30 am
Thanks guys. See ive felt it might be a boy but I dont even know what I'm lookibg for I can see these nub lines and they llook boy after lookig on the internet The tip lines slanted and the bottom is straight but i dont know if I'm looking at the right thing Xx

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9-Oct-11 1:43 am

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9-Oct-11 3:00 am

im leaning towards girl!


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9-Oct-11 4:48 am
Thanks girlies anymore Guesses? xx

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9-Oct-11 11:13 am

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9-Oct-11 12:30 pm

 leaning girl x

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9-Oct-11 1:29 pm
I think what you might be looking at that is pointing up is part of the leg, I believe the nub is below that.
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9-Oct-11 1:43 pm
Really? Ahh I think seeing all these people saying girl is making me want a boy more lol. All these lines lol. I just read that girl nubs are usually realky long and thin and white. But nous are rounder? This is so confusing lol

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9-Oct-11 2:02 pm

purely guessing - BOY. I think the flat part is the bottom bit of a boy nub and we are missing the top part....


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