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Pink or Blue/Jack or Jill

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27-Jun-12 2:17 pm
I recently tried both and I am not sure which one will give the good results but I am still waiting. Jack or JIll relies on better science while pink or blue does things in mass while not focusing too much on the truth. a few friends of mine tried jack or jill and the results came out to be correct ( the science behind it is backed up by numerous publications in scientific journals. jack or jill seems to be very big and in many stores.
The technology remains same whatever name the company has or whatever number of stores they are sold in. First it was Acugen, That guy was extra hyper about this technology, claiming 99.999% accuracy. Made good money but was sued in a class action lawsuit because the claims were overblown. Before going under, he gave it to pink or blue. They played it smart by claiming 95% accuracy. It cannot be that high but no one can do anything about it. They still portray a public image of being highly sophiscated company (don't let any male touch it, etc). Same with Jack or Jill. There was a reason why a company named DNA Worldwide stopped marketing these tests because it was hurting their own reputation.