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Had my baby boy September the 20th...

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6-Oct-11 8:45 am

baby Blair... Not on our name list but oh well lol! We saw him and he just looked like a Blair. He is gorgeous and his brothers are besotted. We are all in love with him.

 Labour wasn't my usual superquick effort. He was back to back and back to back labour is horrendous. He has killed my back so it still hurts more than two weeks later and it looks like I'm going to have to get physio. After hours of excrutiating back pain and not dilating past three, I was given diamorphine which relaxed me enough for baby to turn. Went to 5 cms and then down to labour suite and had him within 40 mins. No doubt he would have been another super fast birth if he'd been in the right position (my mum had super fast labours but I was back to back and took 24 hours!). He was a week overdue and weighed 7 lbs 11 but was long and scrawny and he has freakishly long feet and hands (considering his mummy is five foot one!).  

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Love my babies

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6-Oct-11 7:54 pm


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7-Oct-11 7:40 pm

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7-Oct-11 10:17 pm
He really is an adorable baby and I love the name Blair!

DS- Trevor 11/24/05

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7-Oct-11 10:47 pm

He is adorableBaby Bear BoyHappy Celebrate

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