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So it apprears I may actually have a HT opposite! Beyond Upset~

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5-Oct-11 12:48 pm

 So went back for another scan today at 17w 1day and we saw boys parts again (wrote a post at 14 weeks b/c we thought it looked like a boy) I have one potty shot that I can barely look at, talked to my RE's office and they are coordinating a scan hopefully for tomorrow morning b/c they are confident they transferred a female embryo. They said they will get to bottom of this, I only had 2 normal boys w/ SEVEN normal girls so what are the chances they switched a normal boy for this normal girl (we had several abnormal boys). I had 24 panel done w/ ICSI, I'm beyond devasated and completely lost it at the office. I can't even put into words how incredibly painful this is, my heart feels like it's broken. If it is a boy what a horrible way to enter the world, with a mom that can barely think about being pregnant at this point because she's so upset. I have girl clothes, nursey and name picked out. My boys have been asking for a sister and I was beyond excited to tell them it was a girl. Every person who has made some stupid comment about what I was having and me feeling like I had this wonderful secret. All the 1001 reasons we came up with to move forward with doing IVF for our family are completely out the window. Right now I feel numb and don't even know what to think. Here's the pic-



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5-Oct-11 1:40 pm
I am so sorry dear. Believe it or not I cried seeing your post. I can imagine very well. I really pray they are wrong and it is indeed a girl for you. Hang on and pls update us

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5-Oct-11 1:50 pm

Couldn't get pic to post otherwise. Thanks

A girl for me...please!!!

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5-Oct-11 1:51 pm


oh my, this is heartbreaking!

I saw your pic and I must agree this truly looks all boy!

How can this happen?

I really hope you can find peace with this and love this little one. 

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5-Oct-11 2:37 pm

I saw your ultrasound pic, and looks like a girl to me.  This is based on my previous experience of having 3 girls. 

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5-Oct-11 2:57 pm
I am certainly not an expert, but the one thing I notice is that the middle line does not extend back.  I always thought that with a boy, you can see three lines, but the middle one is longer.  Your three lines look pretty similar so I would still hold out hope that it is indeed a girl.  I sure hope so!  I am getting nervous about these possible HT opposites!  Where did you cycle?

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5-Oct-11 3:04 pm

I just happened across this post and I find it absolutely disgusting - your doctor's office needs to be held accountable if they transferred the wrong gender embryo!!!  Quality Control, Standard and Procedures?  Did those just fly out the window on this case?  I hate being one of those that mentions suing, but deserve some kind of compensation if they really did transfer a boy.

I'm so sorry that it had to happen this way. I thought the ultrasound looked boyish but I hope I'm wrong. Heart

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5-Oct-11 3:05 pm
Oh my gosh..I am so sorry..I know how you feel though because I am sort of in the same boat..except that I do have a boy and a girl..I'm glad your clinic is taking a look,I can't even get mine to do that..many many hugs to you..I am praying so hard that it is a girl and the ultrasound was just funky..did you by any chance go through genesis genetics through your re?That's the lab my re uses..just curious

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5-Oct-11 4:38 pm
I just looke at your picture and I gotta looks a lot more like my girl than my fact,I don't see anything boy..did the sonographer explain why he or she thought this is a boy? I asked mine and it was pretty clear..

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5-Oct-11 5:01 pm
It looks like it could be a cord and I hope thats what it is.

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5-Oct-11 8:48 pm

Um, isn't that a classic 3-lines sign going on?  To me it reads all girl!

BTW, the chances of human error in choosing or transfering the wrong embryo are slim, usually less than 1%.  So although it is possible, it is very unlikely.  It is more likely for a sonographers sex determination to be in error.

I bet that is what's happened in your case, although so keep us posted.


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5-Oct-11 11:09 pm
I'm not convinced that's a boy either. I bet you have a girl in there an the techs are wrong. I hope you hear girl when you go in for your next scan. I really think you will.

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5-Oct-11 11:28 pm looks girly to me with umbilical cord. I hope you can get another ultrasound soon to sort everything out. ((HUGS))

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6-Oct-11 12:59 am

To me it looks like girlparts! DonĀ“t loose hope!!!


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6-Oct-11 1:51 am


I am no expert either but I looked at the photo and I did not see boy parts ( and I have seen a lot). I hope you have your girl in there.



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