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I Thought I was done, I did afterall get what i wanted!

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4-Oct-11 8:19 am

So, I have not been around for a couple of years, with help from ingender i concieved a little girl after my 3 boys and Im very happy!, but 4 kids has been hard work, she is a proper madam, just like everyone told me she would be!.

I love having a largeish family and felt our family was complete, then Anya turned 2  and ive started feeling broody again, granted this is much later than usual for me, i have 22 mths average between them all.

I keep telling myself im mad 4 is enough!, but other days I think how nice it would be perhaps a little sister for Anya... or brother she adores her big bros.

whose been in a similar position?, will these feeling dissapear? im 33 im not sure yet how DH feels, im assesing that lol but he is great its only really me & him with no family to care how they feel about us adding to our brood.

 Thanks again everyone, i love visiting this site, everyone is so friendly x


 Me,  Karen

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9-Oct-11 5:43 pm
Hi Karen, I was in the same situation. Yes, I got what I wanted! BUt when our DD was getting closer to 2, we wanted to try for a sister! We got pg and as you can see from my siggy, I miscarried twins. We will probably wait a couple months to TTC again, but I totally understand where you are at with wanting another little one to add! GL with your decision!

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13-Oct-11 5:20 am

Thanks Kristen,

Im sorry to hear about your m/c, that must have been awful, hope all goes well for you with next baby/ies x

I spoke to a mum at the school, she is the sister after 3 brothers, so asked her opinion, she said she was spoilt, her brothers were always overprotective of her but she always wished for a sister, what a coincidence lol

so, ive made my decision, just have to talk my oh around

take care Kristen, thanks for replying x

 Me,  Karen

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13-Oct-11 5:29 am

I too got what I wanted a little girl, I also swayed. I thought I was done too but we will most likely go for it again trying to give dd a little sister. People will think we are mad, 4 kids! My first ds is from a previous relationship and he has a substantial age gap to our common kids and I hope this will make things a bit easier, but yes, I might have a 22 month gap between kids if I conceive within the first few cycles of trying (planning to start early 2012).

Good luck for whatever you decide. At the end of the day, its a personal decision, but I think 4 is a good number. Even and not totally mad yet if you konw what I mean? II dont think I would want more as I wouldnt be able to give each child the attention it needs. I will definreitly be done after number 4 regardless of gender xx



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17-Oct-11 7:40 pm

i love having a large family but money it tight and space even tighter. i have alot of girls so i don't get a chance to do much special mommy/daughter bonding with each of them. i can say my sister is in the same boat as you. after 3 boys she finally got a girl. her daughter is 4 now. i asked her recently if she wanted another girl so my neice can have a sister and she said "well sometimes it makes me sad because the boys have each other but my daughter doesn't have a sister to play with but on the other hand i love having an only daughter. i can spoil her. if we want to go get our nails done or have lunch we can and i don't have to worry about if her sister gets enough attention. it makes our bond even stronger because she is so special to me." so i guess its a personal decision. i wouldn't trade my girls for a million boys but sometimes i wish i had more of me to go around. good luck with whatever you decide.

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