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IG we have a heartbeat!!


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3-Oct-11 7:03 pm

After two losses this year, at my 7w1d appointment the doctor saw a beautiful 125bpm and a baby measuring right on target! She even put the HB on the machine speakers and it lit up the room. Through both of our loses this year we never got to the point of seeing a fetal pole, so we feel especially blessed. My poor DH got so excited he started getting light-headed and everyone was bringing him water and making him sit down. I felt like crying. It was so joyful to hear the "thump-thump". I know we are not out of the clear yet--but I truly feel like this pregnancy is going to make it. I have way more symptoms this time and my God we have a heartbeat! I am ecstatic!

My OB made sure to mention that seeing a HB under 140bpm is an old wives tale for having a BOY!!! Happy  LOL  I cannot wait until our next u/s in a few weeks!!!

Momma Bear to our Baby Bear Girl born 5/2012…She is our Hearts !!!

TTC a SISTER for our DD!!!