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Anyone pregnant with twins due to PGD

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My twin girls are now 16 weeks (IVF, PGD). 

Hi Green Zelda!!!

I tell some people depending on their relationship to me and my family.  Gender Selection is a bit of a big deal here in Australia at the moment.

After Cloverbear was on 60 Minutes it was so funny,  I was at the supermarket and the checkout lady at the next checkout was going on and on about why would you do that!?!?!?!

I looked at my girls and thought they wouldnt believe me even if I DID tell them! hehehehe

I have been very surprised that when I do share the details just how many woman who dont have daughters tell me their story in return and always say what a good thing it is to be available.  Some of the storeys are soooo sad.  It makes me feel lucky that I did eventually suceed.

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