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Can 3 dd be a good thing?

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1-Oct-11 11:07 am
I am going through some major GD right now, so much that my husband thinks I can't continue with this baby bcsuse I'm so miserable. Please help! I just want to sleep all day and not think about anything anymore.

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1-Oct-11 12:57 pm

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1-Oct-11 1:05 pm
Last year when I found out I was pregnant with DS3 I cried for days. All I could think about was having him and getting pregnant again when he was 6 months old. He is now 16 months and I can't imagine my life without him. God knew what He was doing when He gave me him. DS3 holds such a special place in my heart. Now I am 24 weeks pregnant with my first daughter and I am so glad I had DS 3 before his pregnancy. The three of them will make my daughter so special. And she will make her brothers so special. It will get better. I promise.

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1-Oct-11 1:22 pm
Thanks ladies. This will be our last baby, I really can't chance having 4. Hubby is an only child, I feel bad his family name will end with us. :(

Have two Baby Girl!  Expecting baby girl #3 in April! 3 of a kind! :) She's here and I am over my GD!  Our family is complete. Hearts

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1-Oct-11 8:24 pm
3 DDs are great. I think my 3 dds are the best. When the 3rd was born I was upset but she brings me sooooooooooooo much love that it makes the GD go away for a little while. The two oldest have a great relationship and they LOVE their little sister. My girls are close to me and will talk to me about everything so I feel great having that bond.

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1-Oct-11 8:43 pm
I think you are extremely lucky.

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1-Oct-11 8:44 pm

3DD is not just a good thing, it is AMAZING!! The bond my 3 daughters share came as a big surprise to me. They truly enjoy each others company, play dress-ups, schools, prepare dance performances, read stories together etc etc. They look out for one another and even when they're not together, they are still in each other's thoughts eg.will save cake for each other from pre-school, ask for extra lolly bag at parties etc etc. They choose to share the same room and before bed I always hear them giggle and chat together. Of course, like all siblings, there are times when they dont get on, but it is an exception. They really are a great gift for each other and to myself. I imagine this continuing through to adulthood, motherhood etc and having each other to lean upon. They really are a delight and pleasure to raise. U have a lot to look forward to!!


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1-Oct-11 9:03 pm
I'm sorry you are feeling GD. I just want to say that YES! I think 3 DD can be a great thing! I would LOVE to have 3DD! I have two & really wanted this baby ( our third/last) to be another girl, but we got a boy. I bet you will love having 3 of the same. Good luck to you!


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1-Oct-11 9:14 pm
Thank you so much for giving me a perspective on what it will be like having 3. It did bring a smile in me. Thank you. I love the way my two girls bond, they have so much love for each other. I can picture three of my girls playing and giggling together. That gives me hope that my GD will disappear when I see that happen, hopefully that all three of them will have that bond. It's just the heartache of not having a son, the wound is still so fresh. I grew up with brothers, so I never imagined my own family make up will be all girls. I do feel blessed to have my girls, just wish it didn't have to come with losing my dream of having one son. I have read stories from all girl moms who love being all girl moms, that it makes their family unique and special. That brings me hope. Thank you again for sharing, it really helps.

Have two Baby Girl!  Expecting baby girl #3 in April! 3 of a kind! :) She's here and I am over my GD!  Our family is complete. Hearts

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1-Oct-11 10:38 pm
Having 3 of a kind is special.  Your girls will grow up close and have alot in common. I only had a brother growing up and although we were close I always longed for a sister./sisters. Your daughters are very luckyHearts

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2-Oct-11 12:09 am

I think you are extremely lucky.

I do too!  If I were in your situation, I would not be here!  Families like yours are the ones that flare my GD, because it's what I wanted so badly.    It's what I knew.  I grew up in a family of 3 girls (and 1 brother, but he's the baby).  The 3 of us girls have always been close.  I love having sisters!  I can't imagine life without them.  Your daughters are lucky that they will always have each other.  I'm glad my boys have each other, as there is something to be said for the brother bond, too.  However, DH has with the boys what I would have had with daughters.  In my house, being the only female, I'm always the odd one out.  I'm positive DH would not have been bothered in the least had it been reversed.  I would have given anything for your family makeup.

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2-Oct-11 12:59 am
That's what is so ironic with me, I grew up with only brothers and ever since I was a kid, I always wanted a sister to hang out with, and I know a few girl friends who have sisters and I would think how nice and beautiful they are with their sisters. Then somehow, I'm all tripping about having dd3. I guess because in my family and close circle of friends, boys are valued and desired, so I get brainwashed since I was little that I should have one too or else my family will just not be as good and happy as theirs. I know, I should careless about what they think of my family, but I hate it that they think I must be miserable because I only have girls (ok, I do have gd, but I'm not miserable with/because of my daughters, they are what keeps me going right now, my joy in this moment of dark gd.)

Have two Baby Girl!  Expecting baby girl #3 in April! 3 of a kind! :) She's here and I am over my GD!  Our family is complete. Hearts

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2-Oct-11 1:57 am

yes yes yes i never imagined wanting 3 or 4 daughters but when i watch them together now i wish i had more than 1 sister growing up x

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2-Oct-11 1:46 pm


yes yes yes i never imagined wanting 3 or 4 daughters but when i watch them together now i wish i had more than 1 sister growing up x


hopefullycomplete, that pic of the 3 girls walking is soooooo adorable. i hope to do one like that with mine soon.

i see u had a boy after 4 girls...u are so lucky! did u sway? if so, is it posted on ingender?

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2-Oct-11 2:57 pm

 Stickybean:  it says your from alberta- I am in Alberta Canada too- and have 3 boys.  do you have any tips on TTC baby girl?



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