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Wow! Only 99 days to go!

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1-Oct-11 1:16 am

Hi girls


Yay, we are all heading heavily towards the third trimester! wow, the time flies! Im officially 99 days from my duedate! how cool is that!

Cant wait to meet my little boxer girl, who seems to be very active in my stomache Heart

How are you all doing ? having BH's? I seem to have every evening and yesterday they were pretty nasty :/ I just hope I dont have to run to the hospital as many times I did with my Ds4 b/c false alarms...


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Can't wait to meet my Princess!!!!HeartHeartHeart

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My IVF process:

7.5  "Long" waited AF arrived!

8.5 First u/s, everything Ok.

9.5  Puregon 150IU injection in the evening --- woohoo , my first shot!

10.5-12.5  same dosage, Puregon 150IU

13.5 Planned u/s number 2.+First Cetrotide shot, 14 follicles

13.-14.5 Same dosage

15.5 3rd u/s, final agreement of the ER day, 10 follicles 10-19mm

16.5 same dosage, both cetrotide & Puregon

+ Ovitrelle

17.5 trip to Russia starts

18.5 ER : 4 eggs

19.5 all 4 eggs were fertilized, we came back home

21.5 4 embryos to PGD : 1 healthy girl, 1 healthy boy, 1 abnormal, 1 degenerated

22.5   SET Baby Bear Girl

2.6 BETA: < 3    BFN :(


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2-Oct-11 8:12 am

 Awesome! I havn't been keeping track of how many days left, but I'm due mid January so hopefully I'm under 100 soon. I just hope I don't go into labor in the middle of a snow storm or while I'm sick or something.This is my first winter baby so it's going to be a little different.


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3-Oct-11 7:06 am

Instead of counting the days left I am counting the days he stays in!! lol.  Emnios oh yikes snow! thats not something I really have to worry about !! We dont get much and in any case I can see the hospital from my house!! I hope it doesnt cause you any problems?

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3-Oct-11 8:21 am

 this pregnancy is flyin, i too havent had a winter baby, but am really looking forward to wrapping up a weeny newbor, im used to having them in the warmer months, fx no snow here either, though im hoping for a home birth, so wont matter to me x

 My princess Aaliyah is here, how lucky am i x

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15-Oct-11 4:18 pm

yay only 99 days left for me too!! this pregnancy is flying by! i'm not experiencing any braxton hicks but i've got plenty of fluid retention already, especially if i sit down for too long Yuck hope you're all doing well and enjoying your pregnancies!!

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