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Alana Nikole's Big Girl Room **Pic Heavy**

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24-Jul-12 1:03 pm

I love it! So so elegant!

My son and daughter just got their own, gender specific rooms (before I had one unisex room for both together in green and white). I waited to find out what this baby, our 3rd would be... and its a boy. I was hoping for a girl though... we planned on giving the 2 same sex children the slightly bigger room, so the bigger room is now my sons and the smaller my daughters. I have to say that decorating the rooms helped me overcome my initial gender disappointment, it was so lovely to be able to do both genders, if you know what I mean.... My dds room is super girly, it just had to be, only chance I am getting at PINK, ha ha.

Hoping for you to have your little boy soon x