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Not excited about 2nd son

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12-Oct-11 10:50 pm

Dear lasttime:  The only thing useful that you said was that she should seek help.  Everything else WAS NOT HELPFUL!!!!  Your post makes me angry.  I suffered from major PPD and you are basically in a fog.....telling her that you feel sorry for her sons and that after having a baby it is no longer about her and saying that she should spend her time elsewhere other than wishing for a daughter is NOT HELPFUL!!!

LASTTIME:  eventhough you intended for your post not be harsh - it is and it is rude. 

And yes we ALL know that there are many parents out there wanting a child and can't etc. but that does not help your own personal GD.  It is not a consolation. 

Thank you, SAHM ! I feel like I identify with a lot of your posts and what you are going thro. Sorry about ur day at the mall. I am not sure if i am suffering from PPD or EGD. But whatever the label is, it is a very tough time to go thro , especially with 2 small boys needing me to be at my best and I cant. And feeling like I am letting them down every minute as a mom.