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Finally got my BFP after 2 years!!!

me if you can!

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6-Apr-12 5:01 pm
I saw a topic about blood loss?? Is that over now or are you still bleeding sweetie? You must be so worried ..
Well it comes and goes. My doc saw a polyp on my cervix at 8 weeks, and I had major bleeding at 14 and 29 weeks, and tons of spotting in between. So far the little guy always seems fine, they checked the placenta at the 14 week bleed and said it wasn't caused by that. For the 29 week bleed I didn't even go to the ER, I went to my doc that day and he just said probably the polyp. I hope they are right and nothing was seriously wrong! But the baby has always been on target and no problems with my blood work, and the OB agrees with him, so I think it's fine.

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