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Stressing...a big change to our lives coming :/

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20-Sep-11 4:53 am

 Hi girls...


Its only few more months till our dd's and that itself is worrying me a bit...a new, long awaited baby will join us ...and now we have also decided to move out from our house :/ Im so stressed out, where we will find a new home...

We have been on and off about this thing, because basically we just love living in this area and house in itself...BUT at the sametime, it is VERY expensive and we have been nothing else but sick during this 3 years...continuous flu's, stuffed noses, sore throats, several sinus infections and I even had a pneumonia last I think this house "offers" more than we know :/ 

Im also stressing out about my kids and their just breaks my heart to think if we need to find a new area, my kids just love living here too :(

well, now its done anyway and we are looking for a new place to live... and Im going to be on 3rd trimester when we move...

 Thanks for listening, had to vent..


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