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Nub theory please take a guess! due date today eeeekkkk!!!!

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19-Sep-11 4:53 am

This is my scan pic at 12 weeks! any guesses please!!!!!

Full-size image




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19-Sep-11 7:28 am

maybe girl but it's very busy down there to be sure

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19-Sep-11 7:36 am

This is pic 2 at 12 weeks!

Full-size image


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19-Sep-11 9:22 am
I think girl from 2nd pic, first pic is very busy and difficult to see the end of the nub, but still looks more girly than boy.
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19-Sep-11 1:05 pm
Thanks girls! anymore guesses please?x 



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19-Sep-11 2:19 pm
id slightly lean boy

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19-Sep-11 2:22 pm

leaning girl


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19-Sep-11 2:30 pm

im thinking boy

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expecting again,,our precious Baby Bear Girl is due on 27th September 2012!!!!

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20-Sep-11 3:54 am

So many views any more guesses pretty please!!!!x


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20-Sep-11 5:18 am
I'm going back and forth between pink and blue so 50/50 from me sorry
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28-Sep-11 11:09 am

any more!


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28-Sep-11 12:07 pm

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29-Sep-11 4:23 am



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29-Sep-11 10:05 am

any more guesses please!xxx


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30-Sep-11 3:14 am

would really love some more guesses, even if your not sure, its just a little bit of fun! come on ladies have a guess! Thanks xxHappy Smile


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