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Weaning help please!

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18-Sep-11 9:53 am
Never thought I'd be asking this with my third child, but I would like to start weaning her and she's just not having it. With my others I was able to stop pretty easily around the 1 yr mark. Evie is almost 14 months though and still loves to bf round the clock. She'll pull at my shirt and demand it, even if we just did a short time ago. She still sleeps in our room, starting in her crib and ending up in our bed. She'll sometimes feed 2-3 times a night. I realize all this is more out of comfort/soothing and less out of physical need. I know she's very uncomfortable teething and this has been a long painful process for us with currently her molars and eye teeth cutting. However, I'm afraid if I don't taper off soon, then it will be even harder when she's older. I guess I would be comfortable feeding up to 18 months or so but I would like to eventually get her out if our room and sttn. We tried CIO a month ago and it worked temporarily but she regressed. Any one go though something similar and find anything that worked?
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