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how much canola oil

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15-Sep-11 3:54 pm
I think it depends if you plan on doing O+12 or a cut off. RepHresh has been used as lube, I have not tried it yet. I would be sure to test both out before using then on your attempt. (I once used a certain brand of lube and had a horrible reaction, way tmi) I am going to use repHresh in the days leading up to my attempt if I need help getting my pH low. If my pH is 4.5 I would use replens as it will lower it more, but if it's really high and I need to lower it fast I would repHresh. I think I am going to use just a little repHresh as lube, but just enough to BD. Then I am going to use the lime douche and tampon calculated to a pH of 4.0 so that way if I accidentally use too much it won't kill all the sperm.
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