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M/C 3 wks what?


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10-Sep-11 5:22 pm

Hi Ladies,

I'm on page 12 of the post "recovering from m/c". It is so reassuring to read about the feelings you experienced. For me, it is still so fresh. I'm reading posts from 3/2010 and I'm amazed when I read what you girls posted and I've had the exact same thoughts and feelings.

So I'm just waiting for AF to arrive. So frustrating. I still have no idea what my body is doing......I've always been able to tell where I am in my cycle and now I am just guessing.

I can hardly handle going over to my DDB and yet I continue to go over there, lurking and wanting to know how everyone's doing. And yet, my heart breaks every time because I'm not 13.5 wks pg like I should be.

So how about this post being a new thread for those of us who have just recently experienced a m/c? I'm 3 wks and 1 day post D&C. Each day seems to get better and then it will just hit me out of nowhere and I feel so so sad. The rest of the world goes on it seems and yet I'm surprised by the intensity of my grieving and my hormones being all over the map.

Anyone else?

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