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Trying to sway for a girl

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29-Aug-11 10:44 pm

 *fingers crossed*

We are officially ttc concieve again.  Last time around I went thru gender disappointment but soon got over it.  My hubby isnt into the whole sway thing so is there something I can do to help sway the odds.  I read somewhere that an acidic vag enviroment is ideal for concieving a girl.


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30-Aug-11 7:00 pm

There is only one environment appropriate for sperm (can't remember exactly what it is)... anything other than that, will kill sperm.

The only suggestion I would say for gender swaying is temping your fertility. But this can take several months. You learn when your ovulation is approach it and to sway for a girl, the odds suggest to bd 2-3 days before ovulation... female carrying sperm take longer to reach the egg and have more longevity than male sperm that swim faster but die off faster.

Married 12/28/2011- 8 short months later, my husband left me in my 14th week of pregnancy, 1st baby. Heartbroken

Struggling, soon to be single mom was not what I had in mind for me and my baby. And I'm terrified. Please keep us in your prayers as I search for a job and place to live. Perhaps now is the time to dream big.


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