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After 3 girls baby no 4 u/s on wed do i find out?

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28-Aug-11 11:26 am

Hello everyone, was just after a little advice and have read quite a few comforting blogs from Mums who's thoughts and fears mirror my own and it has been soooo refreshing. I am currently 20 wks with our 'suprise' and have a scan booked for wed and am changing my mind with the wind whether or not to find out babys gender. I would obviously really like a boy this time yet I cant help but feel that if I dont find out and just wait and see it wont matter because babies here. Once there in ur arms and u can see and feel them it wont matter. Rather than maybe another 20 weeks of 'disappointment'. Can I just add that I hope this doesnt come out wrong and Im sure we all realise how fortunate we are to be able to conceive at all.Happy Thanks in advance for any replies x



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29-Aug-11 3:29 pm


I had my scan last week and felt exactly the same as you.  Kept changing my mind every day.  In the end I just decided on the day at the scan.  Cause there were a few issues with a small baby it wasn't the right time!!  Everyone I know was really surprised I walked out having not asked.  I have to say I think I am having another boy cause I thought I saw something boyish.  I really am enjoying the not knowing unlike with my two other boys where I found out.  I feel it has softened the blow slighty seeing what looks like boy bits but not confimed.  May be you should do the same and make a split second decision.  I just remember with my second son feeling really miserable for the rest of my pregnancy I dont want that this time cause its my last one. Good luck and hope you make the right decision for you! 

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29-Aug-11 3:42 pm
I went back and forth for 20 weeks too! But we finally had a the sonogram tech put the results in an envelope. We still are telling everyone we are waiting for the surprize. I'm so glad I found out. I have been able to let go of my girl dream...and focus on my 3rd little guy. Plus the anticipation was killing me, making me so anxious. Good luck! and congrats on your pregnancy!

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30-Aug-11 9:54 am
I agree with scubatheses. I recently found out it ws my third boy. I cried the first day then let it go and started to bond with my new little man. Feel very content now. I think if I waited tilbith still thinking it could be agirl would make it a lot harder. I'm all for knowing the gender!
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