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Due today....any one have an induction methods to try?

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24-Aug-11 3:24 am
Hi I am due today with my second baby, the first was 15 days late so really don't want to wait that long again. I am ready for this baby but just never get a chance to relax, could this be stopping my labour? Any suggestions?

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24-Aug-11 4:04 am

hello they reckon sex lol something in th sperm can trigger labour ??????? just a thought it happened to me with my second pregnancy i was due we dtd and about 15mins later labour started and i had my baby early in the morning :) cant hurt to try anyhow

good luck how exciting xxx 

Love my kids!

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24-Aug-11 2:46 pm

I never got past 39 weeks with any of mine- but my dear friend swore by using a breast pump. She was 10 days over due and she used the breast pump for about 2 (!) hours and went into labour that night- she was due to be induced the next morning.

With DS1 my waters broke at 35 weeks, but labour didn't start, so they wanted to wait as long as possible before inducing me. I was on bed rest to prevent infections, and it was a miserable experience. I was going to be induced at 36 weeks, but I had a very spicy curry and labour started on its own! I know that is an old wives tale but it worked for me. Having said that, my labour didn't really progress very well so I had to have pitocin.


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