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Devastated - my almost 8 month old dd is starting to loose interest in the breast

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24-Aug-11 2:08 am

I started my daughter on solids and she has taken to them like crazy, she almost jumps at the table when we eat. My sons were obsessed with boobs! With my ds2 I had to return to work when he was 7 months old and I was pregnant again when he was 8 months old. I tried to get him OFF the breast during the day, but he wouldnt accept a beaker or bottle or cup or anything for weeks and weeks. He did eat fruit and veg, but he didnt drink anything until I came back to pick him up at 3pm. He then fed all the time ;) All night through it was all I did and it was hard.

Anyway, this time round I had planned to feed dd for as long as she wants and was really looking forward to it after the experience with ds2.... and now THAT. She keeps attaching to the breast, just to turn away and look around, even when we are alone in our darkened bedroom that I feed her in every single night since her birth. Last night she had NO BED TIME FEED, she did suckle a little bit and just fall asleep. I was soooo upset. She did feed her usual 4am feed, but very slowly, it wasnt that sort of "I am hungry and swallowing lots of milk" feed. This morning the same, some suckling, but her brother was more interesting (which is ok, she has been distracted during the days a lot as well, which is ok for me). I just want to continue bed time, night time and morning feeds, I am ok if she is more interested in what her brothers eat during the day, i guess that is healthy.

WEight wise: she is light for her height (long and slim) so it is not like I could cut out solids, she does need them :(

Has this happened to anyone? Could she really stop feeding alltogether???? I dont think I will survive that *sniff*



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24-Aug-11 4:56 am

Very normal for that age and it will pass. Babies don't try to self wean under a year, mine did the same thing with all the distractions. I would suggest bf'ing before meals and snacks to keep your supply up. Don't worry she will get back to where she was its a phase I'm sure Happy

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