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Failed ericsson iui

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23-Aug-11 5:40 pm
I just had 2 failed iui with dr. klein. I am very confused. Every dr. says I am very very fertile. I am trying for a girl after conceiving 2 boys on the first try. Not sure I can go through this another month!

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23-Aug-11 7:04 pm

I'm sorry for your failed cycle.  Have you tried some fertility drugs along with the IUI?

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23-Aug-11 7:57 pm
50 mg of clomid for both months. I bet I would get pregnant on my own next month but with another boy so I am too scared to even try :(

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3-Sep-11 11:44 am

 tryagain -

I did one cycle of ericsson and failed too. I was on clomid for 3 months but the first 2 months I had so many follicles it increased my chances of multiples which is not something we want.  The 3rd month my doctor did the IUI early in my cycle to try and decrease more follicles from forming but it wasn't successful.  I just hated being on the clomid and we stopped trying for a few months but now I feel like if we don't get back into it we'll never actually go for #3.  I don't think I'm going to do Ericsson again just because I really disliked being on Clomid.  I also feel like if I will get pregnant on my own and will have boy #3 and Im scared to try which is why I keep saying next month.  I cannot do the diet I have no will power so I don't know what I'm going to do.


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5-Sep-11 4:06 pm
Tylerboy, we are trying one last time with ericsson this month, but thats it! If it doesn't work we will try on our own with a 3-4 day cutoff. I think thats what all my friends with girls did. I hate this whole process and all the anxiety. It takes all the fun out of it. Good luck and keep me posted.

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5-Sep-11 9:44 pm

Are you taking baby aspirin to try to plump up your lining? The Clomid can decrease the lining, making it hard to implant.

I would not recommend Ericsson, as it gave me my second son. I believed it would work, and was crushed when I found out he was a boy, and not the girl Ericsson made me hope for.

Good luck. I hope it works for you, and you get your baby girl :)


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6-Sep-11 8:06 pm
Thanks charliecats. Has ericsson worked for anyone out there??? The research all says 49% chance for girl naturally after 2 boys. Ericsson says 72% with clomid. Its really my only shot. Does anyone know what % is with swaying? I am so confused. Microsort is no longer available and pgd is extremely expensive and risky :(

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7-Sep-11 6:04 am

 I believe swaying gives you better chances (like 80% if you do everything right) and it's free!!

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7-Sep-11 8:04 am

What about swaying and Ericsson together?  They each up your chances a little but still no guarantee like pgd.  Ive seen alot of Ericsson opposites & swaying opposites on hereSad


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10-Sep-11 2:59 pm
I have done IUI layered method to conceive a boy. I got pregnant with my 2nd IUI,but with another girl. I have followed only boy diet,ions & not supplements.

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19-Sep-11 8:41 am
Microsort is availeble in Mexico and in Cyprus.....

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1-May-12 4:37 pm

Ericsson gave me my second son instead of my first girl. After 2 failled rounds of PGD + day 3 CGH I am finally pregnant with my little girl thanks to PGD + FISH 5 probes.

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15-Jun-12 8:23 pm
You don't have to use clomid when doing ericson the sperm bank that does it by me does use it. He suggests natural cycles 3 try's before moving on to meds.

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