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Anyone ttc a girl while using clomid & trigger shot?

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24-Aug-11 2:27 am
Thanks so much. I do hope that it's true that the timing isnt the be all and end all in conceiving a girl. We were not trying for a specific gender when we conceived the girl we lost, so i dont remember what we did to get her! DH and I are doing most of the diet, and both taking supplements. We are also trying DH having a hot shower before bedding, and to use shallow penetration & me not orgasm ;(. ha ha. thanks for your kind words re losing our angel. it was by far the hardest thing i have ever been through and we are still working through it 6 months later. we focus on the fact that we were able to hold her in our arms - even just for a few minutes. i too hope i get my DD (or DD's) soon. regards caro