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Anyone else sick of rude comments?

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20-Aug-11 7:37 am

I am six months pregnant with my sixth child. My Mom has a cleaning job and I go up once a week to clean for her. Inevitably I always get comments like, "You do know how that happens, right?", things like that. Yesterday though, I heard a new and very rude one. This guy looks at my belly and says, "You need to get a hobby - try reading a book or something!" UGH! It should be considered sexual harassment to make comments like that. After that another man said, "How many is this now? Six. Geez - you're a machine!" I couldn't wait to get out of there. Just keep quiet if you have nothing better to say.

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21-Aug-11 4:20 pm

i could have written this. im also so sick and tired of the rude comments and stares. mine are all girls though ( 7 girls, had they all lived. one passed away shortly after her birth and the last one had a identical twin) so when i was pregnant with my last i got the worst comments. "hope you have a boy in there" "whats wrong with your husband?" "your poor poor husband all those girls" "invest in tampons!" and yes even the "you do know what causes that right?" "are you stupid or just crazy?"

  yesterday i went off on some 70 year old lady in the supermarket. i had all 5 girls with me and we had just done family pictures so they were all dressed in pink. this lady just stopped and stared at me like i was some kind of walking freak show. so finally i just couldn't take it and i asked if she had a problem ( normally im a very nice woman i just was having a bad day) she asked me if i had enough kids.. i said umm no actually i don't im going to try for triplets next just to piss you off.

  then i went to my sisters house. she has 3 boys. and i was late for a play date. my nephew said auntie you have too many kids, you took too long. i said im sorry sweetie who do you want me to get rid of? he said London but then you should get a boy. i said honey i would still have 5 kids even if i did get rid of London and get a boy... he said.. i know but it would be ok because you would have a boy.

  we're lucky. i try my best not to pay them any attention but yes sometimes it gets to you. i think you are blessed.

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21-Aug-11 4:37 pm

I hate comments like those. When I had my third the first time I went out with all of them some guy looked at me and asked, "r u catholic?" Like I don't believe in birth control. Seriously hat business is it of theirs anyways. When I was pregnant with her my mom was like another one? Which surprised me cause she had 4 kids. But I did get a nice comment the other day. An older man had said "good looking family u have there, r they all yours?" I said yes thinking oh great here comes the comment but he said "that's so nice you dont see big families anymore I had 6 kids." I was cought off guard so I said thank you and went on my way. It's nice to hear a good comment once and a while. But I think if you can handle it and not go insane have as many kids as you want. I love kids and I alwasy wanted four. Don't listen to anyone they r just jeleous bacause you have all those beautiful kids.

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21-Aug-11 5:54 pm
I get the same thing and I tell them if your not paying me then what difference does it make. They are not your responsibility so go eff off lol

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26-Aug-11 1:11 pm

I get comments ALL.THE.TIME. From strangers, dh family, dh co-workers.

 The one that took the cake was directed at my oldest dd. She's 17. Her friends mother asked if we were "jackrabbits" I said better jackrabbits than Jackasses! Seriously people need to stfu!

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