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Ultrasound tomorrow!

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27-Aug-11 3:08 pm
"I was just so thankful that I didn't get what I thought I wanted, but instead got what I really needed"....thanks for saying that....that alone will stay with me until the birth, and forever. I'm looking up...we gave swaying a go, it didn't work and this little soul will fit perfectly in our family. I need to get over it. I still cry, but hopefully it will pass. My husband is sad too, so I'm nervous about him bonding with the new baby too. He said we can go to 4....but I don't want to put our family in financial stress and I'm tired on this pregnancy. My age is definately not working for me. I'm so glad we are keeping gender a secret...people are so insensitive and clueless really with what I'm feeling (no fault of their own) but I really don't need imput or sorry for you eyes. I feel like our families are dying for a girl and they will be disappointed. So I have alot to work through, and I'm so glad I have time to do it before december. Thanks so much for your stories, encouragement and light. I truely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.