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Cvs update

TTC#4 - praying for pink

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2-Jun-12 5:52 am
AussieTwinkle"][quote user="Waiting4Daisy:
Judging anyone is awful but judging a mother make a heartbreaking decision about a poorly baby is horrendous. I'm disgusted anyone would bring up this thread just to upset someone else. Trucks has had her baby boy and is delighted in him. Honestly see if you don't have anything nice to say, why don't you just bog off because nobody wants to hear you spew vile comments.[/quote] Well said Waitng4Daisy!!!!! Az you are a vile, poisonous person!!!!! BOG OFF
So glad Truck's son arrived safely xxx AussieTwinkle - hi honey, not got Gold to PM you, just wanted to say hi! xx

Mrs I xxx  (was d4d - moved on from swaying pink) Cycle 11 - DS#3 Born 14th June 2011 and he is just fantastic!! BFP 11/12dpo
Heart my boys Baby Boy 2003, Baby Boy 2007   due Baby Bear Boy 20th June 2011 
 Heartbroken May'10 4w4dys Sad Flower Heartbroken July '10 5wks Sad Flower   1st non sway Cycle 11 Faint BFP on CD26!!! Pray 







Make a pregnancy ticker]       

As a parent, my boys are my world and my attempting to TTC pink was not a reflection on them or the love I have for them, I simply ached for a daughter to complete our family!!  However after 10 months I'm ready for my 3rd and final child NOW!!  I just want to be pregnant.  Swaying just didn't work for us, which makes me sad, but I'm glad we tried.  I'm scared I can't have a baby at all and that is the most important thing now, a healthy pregnancy and birth of my last child.

Cycle 11 BFP @ 11/12dpo, EDD 20th June 2011 - Stick baby, please!!
Our little angel babies, gone forever but loved and always part of our family ...
Cycle 8
BFP @ 14dpo, EDD 20th March 2011. Ended in m/c at 5 weeks.  Our little poppyseed.
Cycle 6 BFP @ 14dpo, EDD 21st January 2011.  Ended in m/c at 4wks4dys.  Our little crumb.
Onto Cycle 10 ... in the 2ww @ 30/08/10 - 2nd cycle after 2nd m/c.  Can't believe where this journey has taken me.  Never imagined I'd not be pg by now and have 2 mc's too.  I will sway this month because I cannot let go of the dream just yet.  However, I really want to be holding my baby in my arms next summer and time is running out.  Come on sticky bean, this is our month.  Let's hope it's a pink one!! Hearts

Cycle 8 ... to sway or not to sway .... ???  Maybe a TTC break is needed?!  Ended up doing a partial sway, it was all I could manage in the end! Ended in mc Heartbroken
 Cycle 6!?!  How can that be?  I fell so easily with both ds's.  I didn't expect to fall straight away, but to be on my 6th cycle is totally unexpected.  I think this will be our last month of swaying as I really want to be pregnant now and am worried we somehow aren't going to manage that.  16/04/10 Ended in mc Heartbroken