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12 dpo spotting - AF or implantation bleeding?

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11-Aug-11 3:25 pm

Hi all!
I'm 12 dpo today (know because I can tell when I ovulate). At 10 dpo I had the slightest spotting around 9am when I wiped and that was it. Then 11 dpo (yesterday), I had light pink spotting when I wiped on and off throughout the day. Now this morning at 12 dpo when I went to the bathroom, I had a bunch of light pink spotting mixed with some bright red blood streaks. I put a tampon in thinking AF was starting early which she never does. I usually have a LP of 14-15 days. Anyways I took the tampon out around 2pm and there was like nothing on it and nothing when I wiped. Now there's nothing when I wipe. I am so confused. I NEVER spot before AF arrives. Usually when I start spotting (around 14-15 dpo), it turns to heavy immediately. TMI Warning: Also, before the spotting started, I was having MAJOR creamy CM (almost like lotion) which I usually don't get either. We're not TTC at all since DH had his vasectomy July 21st and we've been using the pullout method. Does anyone think it's AF coming or maybe implantation bleeding (which I've also never had with any of my 5 pregnancies)? I was thinking it's too late for implantation bleeding?

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11-Aug-11 3:52 pm

they says it is possiable to have implantation spotting up to 12 dpo but i never have. every time i started spotting at 10dpo it turned into af a day or two later. good luck.

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11-Aug-11 4:40 pm

Implantation bleeding that long after O is not common it most likely is AF.

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12-Aug-11 7:20 am

I guess I'm different.

 I had implantation bleeding on 11 DPO with my DD.  I NEVER spot before AF.  It was my signal I was preggo.  I took and test on 12 DPO and low and behold BFP.

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