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11-Aug-11 2:48 pm


Hi IG girls!! My daughter and son are in a photo contest.  The winner receives a free all inclusive photo sessoin.  I am *NOT* asking anyone to vote for my daughter, but I am asking if you would participate in the voting for whichever photo it is you like the best.  I have entered 5 pictures of my daughter and 1 picture (an older one) of my son.=)

My daughter is in picture:

18, 19, 22, 23 and 24

My son is in picture:


Again, it will not hurt my feelings if you do not vote for my daughter.  I would just like for some people to participate in the contest!!! =)

The contest is on Facebook and you have to hit the "like" button for the pictures that you want to vote for.  Here is the link:

August Baby Contest for an All-Inclusive photo session.

Baby Boy 11,  Baby Boy 4, Baby Girl Heartbroken  June 2009 - my angel - nine months in my dreams, two days in my arms, forever in my heart, Baby Girl Born May 2011

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