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2 months in a row... No +opk... :(


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12-Aug-11 11:25 am
Hi ZenaniZolalya, The same thing is happening to me. The beginning of last year I started swaying and out of the six months I only ovulated two months which is not like me at all because I use a fertility monitor anyway each month even when I am not ttc and every month I ovulate except when I started ttc. After six months I had enough and had a break and before long I started getting the ovulation sign back on my monitor. I have now been on the diet and ttc again for the last two months. The first month my ovulation was delayed and like you put it down to peppermint tea so decided to stop drinking it and just do the diet and supps now the last month I was going for frequent BD and for the whole month I never got an ovulation sign :( so presuming I never ovulated again. It is really hard going when you have been doing the diet and monitoring AF and then you don't ovulate. I am wondering if the diet can stop certain people ovulating although I dont understand it because I haven't lost that much weight. AF is due tomorrow so praying that next month I ovulate. Will also be trying OPKs as well next month to see if they pick up.....Sorry I can't give any advice but wanted to let you know you are not the only one this is happening to. What cycle day are you on this month? Will let you know how i get on this month.

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