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16 week Private Gender scan. Can I please buy Pink?


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10-Aug-11 3:07 pm
Hi Lovely Ladies! Everything I do is always quite a dramatic process and this swaying has not been any different. I am going for my anatomy scan in 2 weeks but COULD not help myself from going to a private gender scan! At 16 weeks 1 day :) . The tech said girl but I just trust you ladies more.... what do you say?[Poll]
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10-Aug-11 3:13 pm

I say that is def Baby Bear Girl!!!!  Looks exactly like my 16 week scan, I also just got it this week, and I was told 99.9% girl!! Congrats!  Happy Celebrate

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10-Aug-11 3:17 pm

 Jenni, I think you are definetely safe to buy PINK...your nub pic was girly and this one is too !!! Yay! Team January is VERY pink!!!



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10-Aug-11 3:45 pm

Baby Bear Girl congrats!

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10-Aug-11 4:16 pm

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10-Aug-11 4:45 pm

Looks just like mt 16 week scan with my last DD!! Time to go shopping for PINK Happy Celebrate

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10-Aug-11 6:00 pm
I think pink, Happy Celebrate

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10-Aug-11 6:21 pm



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10-Aug-11 7:07 pm



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15-Aug-11 3:06 pm
SO SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 18 week scan for final confirmation is next week! I will update this post then :)

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15-Aug-11 3:49 pm

looks girly!!!  And you're from holland as well?? Happy  LOL

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15-Aug-11 7:12 pm


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15-Aug-11 9:04 pm
That's a GIRL! Congratulations!!!
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16-Aug-11 4:49 am


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19-Aug-11 2:57 pm
Jenni !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am back finally and what do I see ? You can join me on pink shopping ?????? I got a girl confirmation yesterday, we are over the moon ! I'm praying my ass off you will get your girl too..... Please keep me updated! Love, Eamane
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