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Does a slightly shorter cycle with earlier O favour boys? Or should I be worried?

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10-Aug-11 2:24 am

Don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but here goes...


I plan to TTC early next year with d/IUI – no spinning or M/S – just plain old IUI with a little dietary tweaking to up the odds for blue. The #1 goal is to get pregnant at all regardless of gender, though a little Baby Boy would be a dream come true. I was diagnosed with Hashi’s in Feb this year with T3 and T4 on the low end of normal with slightly elevated TSH. I am now on 25mg (very low dose) Synthyroid and all the numbers are smack in the middle of the range.


I never had hypothyroid symptoms and I really don’t feel any different now than I did before starting the meds. The only difference I have noticed is that my formerly regular 28 day cycle has now shortened to 25/26 days with O falling between CD 10 and 13, where it used to be on CD 15 like clockwork.


I can’t remember where I saw it (think it might have been on here), but I read some research papers a while back claiming a link between earlier O (and thus shorter cycles?) and more male babies. This would obviously be good news, but Dr. Hannam’s blog (from Toronto Fertility Centre) states that a shorter cycle might be a sign of diminishing fertility. I’m 29 so I don’t know if this would apply or not or if it’s just a normal result of the meds. My doc told me that my cycle would stabilise within 3 months of starting the meds, but it’s been 6 already and while I do seem to be ovulating fine the fact that my cycle isn’t as regular as it was is freaking me out a little.


Any thoughts, advice or experiences anyone might have to share would be really appreciated.

Pray for a Baby Boy in 2012 with d/IUI

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