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3ForMe cycle # 7 results - Beta #3 UPDATED pg4 (cycle info pg5) 8w viability u/s update pg9!!

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9-Aug-11 10:13 pm



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9-Aug-11 10:31 pm
I can barely stand to come here most days, but for you...I suck it up. I am so, so happy for you. I can't believe it. I really really hope this works out for you. You must be over the moon! Enjoy it as much as you can. Please keep us updated.

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9-Aug-11 10:36 pm
Congrats to you!!

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9-Aug-11 10:37 pm
3forme i am so happy for you. You will definitely be in my prayers. Pls keep your hope up.

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10-Aug-11 6:00 am

That is brilliant news 3ForMe! FX there will be a nice strong increase with your next beta :) KUP.

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10-Aug-11 6:19 am


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10-Aug-11 6:42 am

Fingers and everything crossed for you 3ForMe :)  Good News!!!


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10-Aug-11 7:26 am

omg! Congrats! I will cross all my fingers and toes for you, and sending you lots of sticky dust!!!


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10-Aug-11 7:48 am
I really hope that this is it for you, stick baby stick!! Fingers and toes are crossed!!

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10-Aug-11 8:34 am

congratulations!!! fx for a sticky bean!!!

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10-Aug-11 8:53 am


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10-Aug-11 9:25 am

FXFXFXFXFX I hope you have a nice doubling beta and a sticky babe Hearts Thinking of you sweetie!!

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10-Aug-11 9:39 am

Congrats 3, You so deserve this Baby girl. FX for a strong 2nd beta.

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10-Aug-11 1:58 pm
FX for your second beta!! Don't give up hope.

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10-Aug-11 1:59 pm
I will send a prayer up from Colorado on your behalf. Please let this little one stick!
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