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TIred and secretly fed up....

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6-Aug-11 8:31 am

 Anyone get like this post baby?

I have such superficial moans...anyone want to moan with me? I want to have a secret complain about nothing...I feel ashamed I have these thouhts as I love my babies so muchHappy

I seriously have nothing to moan about so I get annoyed with myself..I have two beautiful kids, a great DH and a home....I am fecking knackered..Grouchy

my life is washing washing, cleaning, feeding, feeding, winding, feeding, nappies and did I mention washing?

My hair is skanky, I have vile excema all over my hands from boob-feeding/ being run down which wakes me up due to it stinging, my clothes still look crap on me and we have minus money/in debt all the time despite both being employed and can't do anything/go anywhere or buy nice food..

I am sorry for being a total brat but sometimes it would be so lush to have the time and energy and cash to do something and dress up nice..

love x