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very scared of having my 4th ceasarean!


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28-Jan-08 6:02 pm

Hi, I haven't been on here in ages!!! I guess I have accepted the fact that I am having my 4th DS and will never have a daughter.  I was hoping that someone here can give me some advice on having a 4th c/s.  My 1st was an emergency and so quickly it was all over which was fine, the 2nd was a nightmare, I have scholiosis (curved lower spine) and it took them 3 and half hours to do the epidural with 13 needle marks and a huge bruise ( it was very traumatic) so with the 3rd I was most scared of that happening again so I had chiropratic adjustments to straighten my spine and they did a spinal which took half hour and 3 needles (much better than the 2nd!) but I really didn't want to be in the theatrre room at all last time, I just wanted to sleep, didn't even really want to see my bub till I was in recovery, I felt like vomiting whilst on the table and the oxygen mask I kept ripping off coz I felt I couldn't breathe with it on.  Iv'e seen too much in the theatre room and now am debating a general anesthetic which isn't the "preferred" option for doctors but they do them.  I just don't want to be there at all, infact I don't want to go through any of it again (bit late now with 3 weeks to go!) I am seeing the anesthetic department tomorrow to discuss all of this and hope that they can give me some confidence and help me make a decision. I am so scared of it all and feel selfish for wanting to not be awake as it has some risks but I know I will be distaught on the table and in the back of mind I am also feeling like all this just for another boy!  I suppose I still have some GD lerking hey!  Thanks for listening and any advice, I hope this section was okay for posting my worries!  

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