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When to announce pregnancy to family?

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2-Aug-11 2:01 pm

Hi I have a beautiful 3year old daughter i have had 3miscarriages after my daughter All ending in the first trimester. I am currently 14weeks pregnant my 5th pregnancy and i feel like this one is going to be my 2nd  child i go to the doctor on the 4th just to make sure everything is still okay. After the appointment i plan to announce my pregnancy But do you think its to soon? Our parents know and my sister knows but no one else knows Do you think its safe since i am in my 2nd trimester?


This is how i want to do it i want to get everyone together for a bbq and make it something about how we don't get together enough and at each table ontop of each plate have a picture of the ultrasound 


This is what i have come up with as a picture idea


The blacked out is my daughters name Please let me know what you think and if you think its a good time to announce consitering my history 



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2-Aug-11 3:52 pm

Thats a tough one. Definately make sure you feel ready before you announce. I think its good to wait until after the next doctors apointment :) Maybe get a picture of your daughter wearing a shirt that says "Big Sister", while holding your ultrasound picture? Or have her wear a shirt like that for the BBQ?

Good luck! ....and Congrats!!

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