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I was asked to make my own thread.. Toward Sunset/Kiara/yy91/polkadots - Keep me posted!

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6-Aug-11 11:09 pm

wounded_healer."][quote user="Itabu:
wounded_healer - You seem like a very "nice" person. Your vibe is cuddly. Lolz. If that makes any sense at all. Haha I probably sound crazy now, if I didn't yet! You seem like a very grateful person, and very humbled by your experiences is what I mean. Very nice and welcoming vibes come from you, but also you know suffering and it makes you wiser. I am not 100% sure on another child, but if so, I am more pushed towards adoption. Your immediate family is very warm and close. (Your partner and kids). It feels like you would give a good home to a child in need of one. Is this something you've previously looked into? If another child comes into play through adoption I feel it would be a girl for you. I don't strongly feel another pregnancy, but whichever way this child comes in it feels girl to me. Let me know if there are any other specifics you want to know and I'll try as much as I can.[/quote] ThankS! I have my tubes tied so I doubt I will ever have another baby naturally. I am kinda ont he fence if I want more kiddos or not...I am okay not having more...I have thought about PGA/IVF and Adoption...I am just waiting 5 yrs or kiddos are a lot so close together....If you can can you guess what time this "baby girl"may come?:-) Thanks again!!!

I lean even more towards adoption now that you gave me more information. I felt a child maybe a toddler really or slightly older baby (not really newborn), but I'm not sure if you'd actually adopt someone a little older or not. This is just what I pick up. I will be honest, I felt your daughter you have now to be in the older range of toddler when this little girl comes in. I'd say between the ages of 5 and 6 is more accurate, but if you say 5 years I'm a little confused. lol. I really feel her to be near 6 at the time or possibly even 6 1/2 at the time. I'm not sure of her current age I need to check your ticker. Like I said, IVF is possible...but honestly I feel adoption as more likely. Happy

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