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Hells Kitchen VS. Master Chef

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29-Jul-11 11:21 am

Which do you think is better?  And I am the only one who things running these two shows, not only concurrently, but also one right after the other is confusing??

I do like them both, but it's irritating to run them at the same time!!  Angry



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29-Jul-11 12:59 pm

LOL!  I think it's weird too!  I'm a huge Ramsey fan, so I watch both.

 It's interesting, I like different parts of each show.  I love that fact that in Hell's Kitchen we see more team drama in the house, and I like watching them work during an actual dinner service.  It's more about surviving in a kitchen then actually seeing different food items.

However, what I like about Master Chef is the food items!  I love seeing the creativity of the chefs and what they will create.  The mystery box challenge is awesome - set make food taste good out of it!!Happy  LOL

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29-Jul-11 2:37 pm

 Hell's Kitchen is good for the drama! Masterchef is just interesting. I watch both, cannot pick.

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7-Sep-11 5:22 am

Although I am a fan of Ramsey, but I recently saw some Masterchef series of Australia and I must say, that’s the best Cooking based reality show I have ever seen. The dishes are amazing and are scrumptious to look at. But also the judges talk to the point and are never so critical. I would prefer Masterchef Australia any day against any Hell’s Kitchen.

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