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Just had my 1st iui with spinning for a boy

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26-Jul-11 3:28 pm
I went to dr Klein in mineola. He was really sweet. He was very reachable on phone whenever I needed him. He charged $ 350ish for the consult and $ 950 for the spinning and iui. I have 2 girls already. I have been trying on my own to get pregnant this is my 9th cycle I took off 3 months here and there. I was getting really frustrated. I wanted the iui primarily bc I wanted to try another method. The spinning was an added bonus. I realllllly want a boy but I'm open to 4 kids. I figured I may as well take my chances and up my odds. That way if I get my boy the pressure is off. My friend is an RE an she said Ericsson is more like 60percent not 75-80percent. I am really lucky to live only 10 minutes from him so it was super convenient. I figured I would give it 3 chances. I'm glad I found out about klein instead of $300 for silver man in westchester. I'll let u guys know if I get preg! If u have any questions feel free to ask!

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26-Jul-11 8:18 pm
How exciting!!! Best of luck! When will you test?

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28-Jul-11 1:01 pm

Best wishes.

I had my IUI Last month. I too have 2 girls and ttc boy now.

I did not get pregnant with ist IUI.

I am having second one done tomorrow..... Best wishes to you, and me (!!!! LOL)

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6-Aug-11 10:41 pm

Good luck ladies!

Were any of you quoted the pregnancy rate per cycle for the Ericcson method?  I'm looking at MS IUI in Mexico and so far its only 2% pregnancy rate, so very very low and they hardly put any sperms in.  I wonder if Ericcson method would have better pregnancy rate with the more sperms.

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25-Aug-11 11:50 am
Good Luck to both of you , keep us updated :)

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19-Sep-11 8:44 am

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12-Oct-11 7:33 am
sorry i didnt come back to respond. i landed up having 2 iuis with dr klein and both didnt get me pregnant. i had dr klein spin the sperm a 3rd time and have my RE do the iui and i didnt get pregnant. I have to admit, im a little skeptical and nervous that he waited too long with both iuis. I wonder if he waited too long on purpose bc then he knew it wouldnt work and I would come back? Ill never know. Ive decided to move onto IVF with PGD with cycle. Im on cd 5 now and will start the ivf process on cd 21. i will let you guys know...

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12-Oct-11 4:23 pm

What do you mean, that he waited too long?  Did you get a positive OPK and then a delay on the IUI?



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